The Site

This shrine was created in January 2016. A documentation of its creation process can be found at Song Cradle, the network’s repository.

Dream Saga is a series that’s been with me since at least 2003 when it was published in German. I never forgot the series, and never stopped loving it even as I grew older and acquainted myself with many other fantasy journeys which told stories far more detailed and complex than Dream Saga. The fascination with Dream Saga’s setting, which I’ve laid out in this shrine’s introduction, remained.

I had already planned to make a fansite for it back then, something I know with certainty as I still have self-scanned profile pictures (of terribly low quality) and a half-finished layout from that time, but whether or not that idea was ever realized eludes me. Either way, Setting Sun is the product of a love that has come a long way, and I’m so happy I was finally able to express that love in a way that does my younger self’s enthusiasm justice.

This layout’s colours are meant to resemble the encroaching darkness and the dying sunlight that paints the world red. Patterns used are from Subtle Patterns. Dancing Script, Lato and Vollkorn serve as content fonts.


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If you own a site with a subject by Megumi Tachikawa or a fantasy adventure with a female lead as its focus and would like to affiliate, please message me!

Satellite-M used to be Megumi Tachikawa’s official site. There were quite a few colour illustrations for Dream Saga in the gallery. Also of note were the Dream Saga Q&A and the previews of the self-published follow-ups to Dream Saga. I only learnt of these while making the shrine and believe me, I’m heartbroken I won’t ever get to read them. ;_;

Strength of Heart is my shrine to the fictional country Cephiro from Magic Knight Rayearth. If you enjoy shoujo fantasy adventures that, like Dream Saga, feature characters with individual powers working together as a team while exploring the peculiarities of the strange fantasy world they find themselves in, you may find MKR to your liking. And who knows, both series may have more Magical Girl elements than expected despite not necessarily being part of the genre.

Do also check out Shiori’s archive of Dream Saga scans over at Hot Water & Milk, and, her Wedding Peach fansite, for more magical girl power!