When Ragnarök rises over Takamagahara, Horacty with the five sacred Magatama stands between day and night.

According to tradition, Ragnarök is the end of the world that occurs every 1000 years. Something happens to the sun goddess and the sun disappears, but then Horacty appears and brings it back. As Horacty, Yuuki’s mission is to find the four heavenly gods, who, like her, are in possession of a Magatama and thus have memories of both worlds. The Magatama attract each other, and select the chosen ones in the proximity of Horacty in Nakatsukuni. While the search for comrades isn’t exactly presented as a mystery in the series, you may want to hold off clicking beyond Aides if you consider their identities a spoiler.

Left-aligned images indicate that a character is from Nakatsukuni, whereas right-aligned images point towards those from Takamagahara. Characters have the same name in both worlds, though there are no last names in Takamagahara. The official profiles were included as side column commentary in the manga, so some of them contain clarification regarding world-building.

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Yuuki Wakasa

Birthday: 7th JanuaryBlood Type: BClass: 5A
Official Profile: Protagonist. She lives with her parents and three brothers. As her mother is too laid-back, she is the one who keeps her brothers in check. Her method: She has them kneel in front of her while she lectures them. She also helps a lot with housework and has a strong personality. She loves to save money. She has had a crush on Takaomi since the third grade.

I don’t know how far I can go or what I can do. I really don’t know. But I know I need to do this. That’s why everybody is giving me their support. I’m going to try. I’m going to save Amaterasu!

Yuuki is the girl of legend: Horacty, the horizon girl. She is the first to be chosen by a Magatama when they fall from the sky. As Horacty, Yuuki’s compassion and special powers allow her to hear the inner voice of all living beings, their cry for help and their anger: plants, animals, even the spirits of nature. With her Magatama, she can communicate with them and call upon them for help, including the force of elements. Her red Magatama is unique, as the other Magatama are green.

Yuuki’s assertiveness and crowd control skill serve her not just at home, but prove to be useful in the classroom and in various situations in Takamagahara as well. She’s also good at cooking.

Binga points out that Yuuki ought to have her memories of both worlds as a Magatama holder, which doesn’t seem to be the case. She speculates that Yuuki may have amnesia.

Magatama Spell:
In Takamagahara, shine, oh light
So that the day and night are divided
So that the Earth is illuminated
And the land bears rice and fruit
Power of the jewel!

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Birthday: unknownBlood Type: A
Official Profile: She holds the title of the goddess Omoikane, closest servant of the sun goddess Amaterasu. She is wise and prudent, but somewhat clumsy at times. She still can’t meet with Yuuki and the others freely, so she can’t speak much. She acts tough, but actually becomes sad easily.

I have finally found you! Girl of the middle country…

The holder of the Omoikane title serves Amaterasu since childhood, and remains at the goddess’ side for life. Nakime is the one who unleashes the Magatama so that they may reach the ones chosen to save the world. She first appears in mirrors around Yuuki, and entrusts her with the Shinjukyo, a mirror that connects the two worlds and allows them to communicate.


Birthday: unknownBlood Type: unknown
Official Profile: Her name is Karyobinga. She received the nickname Binga from Yuuki. With Yuuki’s powers, she can transform into a big bird. Only humans with a Magatama can communicate with her. Binga has a bit of a temper.

We can’t communicate with humans, that’s why there are so many things they do not know. Besides, humans and us are unfortunately different creatures.

Binga is the sacred bird of legend. When she is caught by bandits and about to be cooked, Yuuki is the one who frees her upon hearing her desperate cries even though no one else can understand her words.

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Takaomi Kai

Birthday: 30th JanuaryBlood Type: AClass: 5A
Official Profile: Yuuki has a crush on him. He is always smiling and friendly. He lives with his parents and an elder brother. Whether Takaomi reciprocates Yuuki’s feelings is a secret.

Birthday: 15th Tara (July, month of thunder)Blood Type: AAge: 15
Official Profile: When he met Yuuki, he was the leader of a bandit group. He doesn’t have that great of a personality. His hobbies are sleeping, eating (especially poultry) and hitting on girls…

It’d be nice if I were that Takaomi. That way, I could always see you in my dreams…

Neither Takaomi Yuuki knows is a Magatama holder, so they have no memory of the other world, and may not even be the same person. The Takaomi Yuuki has gone to school with for years is kind and caring towards everyone, especially Yuuki, but seems oblivious to her feelings.

The Takaomi in Takamagahara is gruff and crude, but well-liked by his gang. He shows a softer side around Yuuki, and listens to her when she tells him not to kill needlessly. The first Magatama holder to join persuades Takaomi to come along on their quest because they saw him at Yuuki’s side in one of their visions. There’s a big bounty on his head, though his crime remains unknown.

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Souta Inaba

Birthday: 10th AprilBlood Type: AClass: 5A
Official Profile: He enjoys studying and is very smart. He is an only child. He shares memories with Takamagahara’s Souta even though they are different persons. Thus, they are very similar, but have different personalities and different birth dates!

Birthday: 21st Bage (February, month of time)Blood Type: AAge: 14
Official Profile: Priest, seer and psychic. Like Nakatsukuni’s Souta, he is zealous and smart. He has been studying the legend about the end of Takamagahara for a long time. He doesn’t like ghosts. There are readers who wonder whether he likes Yuuki, but the answer to that is secret.

Unfortunately, humans eating animals and plants is the way things are. We have to eat them to live. That’s why we have to appreciate what we ingest. And we have to give back to nature. Not just destroy.

As Yuuki’s classmate, Souta is quite arrogant; he’s the smartest person in class, but is somewhat of a loner and bad at working with others. He finds a Magatama on a nightly walk.

The Souta in Takamagahara is a priest in service of the people. He uses his Magatama for his prophecies, and seems to be aware of the other self in his dreams without knowing what they really mean prior to meeting Yuuki. He became a seer and came to dislike ghosts because his supernatural sight has always allowed him to see things that no one else does. His powers later on allow him to perceive the source of things and to point out weak spots. In the company of Yuuki’s group, he is both the voice of reason as well as the quiet observer.

Souta is somewhat socially awkward in Nakatsukuni even after meeting Yuuki in Takamagahara, still being stiff and blushing easily around others. Both selves are studious and dislike ghosts.

Magatama Spell:

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Taizou Hyuga

Birthday: 13th MayBlood Type: OClass: 5E
Official Profile: He goes to the fifth grade of the same school as Yuuki, but is in a different class. He is the “I’m the boss of a really cool gang, man!” type, but of all the guys, he’s the one with the most sincere personality. He loves to compete and enjoys any kind of fight. His family includes an elder sister. He isn’t that good at studying…

Birthday: 6th Fuki (May, month of the wind)Blood Type: OAge: 17
Official Profile: A bounty hunter. Personality-wise, he isn’t that different from Nakatsukuni’s Taizou. His hobbies are money-making and haggling. There are readers who wonder whether he’s fallen for Nakime…

Listen to me very carefully. These creatures being wiped out means that their genes also vanish from this world. They will never be born again! Can you undo that with your money?!

Taizou in Nakatsukuni is infamous at school for being rowdy and even having beaten up a middle school student. The Taizou in Takamagahara first attacks the group as he is after the bounty on Takaomi’s head, but then assists them when they fight off a poacher. After the battle, he finds a Magatama in a fishing net. Its powers later imbue him with supernatural strength capable of breaking through rocks.

Magatama Spell:

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Keima Sagami

Birthday: 12th JuneBlood Type: ABClass: 5E
Official Profile: He goes to the same class as Taizou. He has a somewhat eccentric personality and lives in his own world. He likes recycling and loves to craft things out of the junk he gathers. His family consists of his parents, his grandfather and two brothers who are far older than him. He’s good at school and currently not interested in girls. Hates Natto (fermented bean paste).

Birthday: 7th Shiraku (October, month of medicine)Blood Type: ABAge: 15
Official Profile: He is an inventor who lived on his own in Lysha for a long time. Personality-wise, he’s almost identical to Nakatsukuni’s Keima. He was one of the first in Takamagahara to notice the changes in the world and the state of danger it is in. His hobby is collecting junk. He is very skillful, but has the bad habit of unsettling others and taking pleasure in that.

Why do only humans create things that can’t exist in accordance with nature? Eventually, humans, too, will become nothing but waste. Surely that must be what Ragnarök means.

Keima’s Magatama flies into his hands in Nakatsukuni even before Taizou finds his. The Keima in Takamagahara is the first aside from Yuuki to use his Magatama to its full extent, discovering that each Magatama is engraved with a spell in Takamagahara’s language. Its powers allow him to unleash the slumbering power within things and to transfer the qualities of animals and inanimate objects to other objects upon touching them or something that was once a part of them, like cast-off skin or hair. This way, he has invented quite a lot of things, many of which become invaluable on the group’s quest once he joins them.

Both selves enjoy teasing and scaring others, and both have the tendency to drift off into their eccentric ways.

Magatama Spell:

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Nachi Izumi

Birthday: 27th DecemberBlood Type: BClass: 5A
Official Profile: Yuuki’s classmate. Son of a great entrepreneur. He knows tennis, dancing and horseback riding, and can mingle quite confidently within social circles. He’s somewhat lazy at school, but is good at sports. His family consists of his parents and a younger sister. He doesn’t get along with Souta at first, but lately, Souta seems to have become Nachi’s faithful vassal… He loves Takaomi. He hates just sitting around.

Birthday: 30th Doghi (March, month of clothing)Blood Type: BAge: 16
Official Profile: She has been serving as a maid at the palace ever since she left her hometown. The only thing that really sets her apart from Nakatsukuni’s Nachi is her gender — their personalities are almost identical. Her hobby is spending money. She is very egocentric and would do anything for beauty. As in Nakatsukuni, she loves Takaomi.

Be strong! Don’t you let your Takaomi be snatched away by a princess! What happened to the strong, brave Yuuki who was yelling at us all the time?!

As a classmate, Nachi is forward, confrontational, self-centered and unpopular with the girls in his class because he calls them ugly. He is introduced as Yuuki’s rival and shows his affection for Takaomi openly and physically. He picks fights especially with Souta due to their differences.

The Nachi in Takamagahara possesses a Magatama that doesn’t activate until she meets the group. Her dream is to become the greatest dancer of Lysha along with her singing. When activated, her Magatama’s powers transform her attire to a dancer’s dress and give her restorative abilities: Her dancing and singing are capable of infusing things with music, closing wounds, and cleansing the nature around her; where she steps, flowers grow.

Nachi is unperturbed by the different sex and gender of the two selves, and both of them are pushy, outspoken and physically affectionate.

Magatama Spell:

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Birthday: 20th Onzu (January, month of the stars)Blood Type: B
Official Profile: Tsukuyomi’s only daughter. She was raised as a shrine maiden so that she would become Amaterasu’s successor one day. By the way, Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi in this story aren’t personal names, but titles. She has liked Takaomi since childhood, something that still seems to hold true. She’s been very spoiled and sometimes still behaves like a young child that needs a lot of attention…

Miss Nagato

Birthday: 9th MarchBlood Type: B
Official Profile: Yuuki’s school teacher. She’s always smiling and very nice. She hardly ever gets upset, but when she does, she can be very scary. Her age is a mystery, though she’s probably in her twenties. She’s waiting longingly for her Prince Charming every day. Her full name must surely be Kaya Nagato.

I knew that you’d come. I knew that you would come to save me.

Princess Kaya and Yuuki’s teacher aren’t Magatama holders and the fact that they are each other’s dream self is of no consequence to the narrative, but the children are able to see the similarities between the two quite easily, as both have a pure and self-indulgent personality.

Tsukuyomi, Kaya’s father, has no official profile, but is immensely important to the story as Lysha’s ruler, and the one who effectively holds all the power in Takamagahara while Amaterasu is weakened. The current Amaterasu is his younger sister, and he hopes to take over the world while she is out of the way. Tsukuyomi is power-hungry, materialistic and greedy, with no limit to what he wants to possess and what he’s willing to sacrifice for his goals.

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